Sweta Iyer

Dr. Sweta Iyer is a Researcher in the Department of Textile Materials Technology (TMT) at University of Borås since October 2020. . Her field of expertise are textile technology and material chemistry. Her background encompasses extensive research in fiber technology, spinning, textile finishing, textile biotechnology and development of sustainable functional textiles. Her doctoral research work primarily emphasize functionality, sustainability, and resource efficiency. She has competence in digital printing, 3D printing and plasma treatment techniques. Prior to her doctoral studies, she garnered valuable industrial experience. The synergy between academia and industry has enriched her research capabilities and fostered strong teamwork skills. Her teaching responsibilities encompass textile chemistry, advanced textile technology for bachelor and master students. She has published relevant publications and has been an evaluator for doctoral dissertation. Her research focus involves use of sustainable processes, biobased chemicals, eco-efficient technologies which has direct positive implication towards the environment. Dr. Iyer is involved in several national and European funded projects.


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