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Advanced textile materials are a thriving sub-sector in the textile and clothing ecosystem based on high added value and differentiation as unique selling proposition

In the EU-27 the technical textiles industry represents around 30% of the total turnover in textiles and it accounts for a growing share (27%) of total textile production. Technical textiles are “textiles, fibres, materials and support materials meeting technical rather than aesthetic criteria”. They are an input to other industries such as the automotive, medical devices and agro-food sectors. The technical textiles industry is commonly regarded as a top value-added growth industry, where Europe has a strong market position and prominent know-how potential. It is, however, immensely fragmented, comprising a large number of the European SMEs which are specialised in a specific product/market niche or technology.


Advanced textile materials are materials that meet high technical-qualitative requirements (mechanical performance, thermal performance, durability, etc.), giving them the ability to adapt to a specific function and to their environment, whether in the traditional clothing or household sectors, or specifically in any of the markets that the sector comprises.


Two major challenges to innovate the advanced textile sector are the update of digitalization and green innovations to address climate change and improve the sustainability of the sector.

Digital transition

Green transition


To analyze the needs of the sector post COVID-19 with the goals of the transition to a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and highly digitized European economy

To create a customized training

To encourage the exchange between universities and business companies

To develop hubs as a contact point between companies and universities through clusters

To communicate and exploit results at a European level


A holistic approach fostering the digital and green transition is needed to boost innovation in the sector through knowledge transfer and co-creation between academia and the industrial sector.

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Project n°101056303 – Advancing industrial digital and green innovations in the advanced textile industry through innovation in learning and training.

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