Smart, Digital and Green Skills Academy

The Smart, Digital and Green Skills Academy created in the framework of the AddTex project, includes 9 short innovative training courses contributing to upskilling competencies in the green, digital, and smart transition in the textile industry. The courses, delivered virtually through a MOOC and completed by case studies, have been created to respond to the need of textile workers to update and improve their knowledge, skills, and competencies to fill the gap between their formal education and training and the needs of a fast-changing labour market as well as the current challenges in the textile sector.  

The core idea behind the AddTex Academy was to design and develop short but significant and flexible learning experiences for textile professionals at different levels, which can be complementary to the experience acquired through formal education.  Apart from that, the courses have been developed in a way to make it possible to integrate them easily into blended learning paths, which apply both work-based learning and/or flipped classroom methodologies.  

The learning outcomes and contents of each course are differentiated according to three main target groups corresponding to different job profiles within the textile industry: Technicians and Graduates, Engineers and Professionals or Managers and Mentors.

The Addtex e-book will help you to have a general idea of the project and will give you useful guidelines to proceed with the MOOC. Check it before starting!

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Project n°101056303 – Advancing industrial digital and green innovations in the advanced textile industry through innovation in learning and training.

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