Stefan Schmidt

Stefan Schmidt, IVGT, is a textile professional through and through and has been active in the market for innovative textiles and technologies for over three decades. With his broad knowledge of spinning, weaving, nonwovens, knitting and finishing, he has also specialized in electroconductive textile products, focusing on research, development and production of tailor-made applications. Since 2012, Stefan has been Head of Department at the Association for Finishing, Yarns, Fabrics and Technical Textiles (IVGT) and in this role works for IVGT members, particularly in the areas of natural fibres as well as polymers, circular systems, sustainability and standardization.

Stefan has extensive expertise in the textile sector, especially in the areas of industrial, protective and intelligent textiles and is well connected with international companies, organizations and associations as well as research institutes for textiles, material sciences and also business administration.

His areas of experience are: Natural fibers and high-strength polymers. Electroconductive yarns, fabrics and textile screen and inkjet printing systems. National and European research projects. Dry and wet textile processing. Product development and product management. Quality management and EFQM auditing.

Stefan Schmidt has worked abroad for many years, in particular as a trainer for textile processing and as a restructuring and optimization manager with budget and personnel responsibility for more than 120 employees.

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